Sad Sad Man

​I feel so empty, like a void consuming me. I’m tired of fighting, I think I just wanna let loose and see what happens. I don’t believe in anything other than myself anymore. It’s depressing that I have to cast an illusion in other to not be looked upon like a freak. I’m terrified
I question everything now. What I’ve been taught, what I’ve read, what I’ve head cos most of it isn’t logical and yet there’s no good or bad answer but a question of what one believes and to believe otherwise is madness
I wonder how life can be so simple but yet so very much complicated sometimes. I hope one day i don’t get so overwhelmed by all these emotions… So, I need a purpose. I need something to believe in. I need a fresh start but until then I’m just a sad sad  who doesn’t wanna smile again. 


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