Emotional abuse.



He is the master of deception.

Sharp tongue, quick wit.

The gas lighting guru wearing a

manipulative cloak and controlling


Lethargic feelings, locked in by

his silence.

Lighting fires into my mouth with

reverse psychology.

I am nothing but a prisoner in his

gilded cage.

Shackled by the anguish and drama

he swore was love.

Wrestling with my conscience and

abstaining from verbal exchange-

walking on eggshells, constantly on

the edge…never knowing what to

say or how to prevent an attack.

He batters me emotionally- hits

me with hurtful words and slices

me with snaps from a plethora of

verbal abuse.

Feeds me with silent treatment,

frequent name calling, and a bowl

of insults in the event of an

argument or disagreement.

He twists my words, replicates

different meanings and selectively

omits information to defend himself.

Accusatory! Using mental blackmail

to torment and drain me emotionally.

Making me feel…

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